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Week 1: Mission Accomplished!

We did it! We launched online, we brought in a grand total of 6 orders and a few freebie bonus bags of goodies.

What we learned:

1: The more prep we can do the night before, the smoother our baking day goes. We all get to a point on Thursdays where we are tired and need a break but the work isn't quite finished. If we plan ahead for that, we do better work.

2: We really have a lot of fun putting our creations together. We aren't professionals, but it looks pretty good in the end. Samantha also learned how to cut and place our labels which was a nice repetitive task that she enjoyed.

3: We need to learn to read our scale. In all of our hurry to make sure we had everything done on time, and with fatigue setting in after a full day in the kitchen, even the adults in the room didn't catch that we were reading our new food scale wrong until we were over half way through. If you got a label that had a goofy weight on it, our apologies and we will be doing that better this next week.

We are working on plans to add more items each week, but because we are a single family operation coaching a young junior chef through this process, we will probably start deactivating some options from the shop. We love making all of them, but some are more complex than others, some are seasonal, and some prep better than others. We've also added a "Test Kitchen" page to the website so you know what we plan to test and can plan your ordering accordingly.

I'll do my best to keep track of what we're doing on our socials and I'm shooting for at least one blog post a week, maybe more if we've got stuff going on. We are having fun, and we really enjoy treating you each week! We hope you'll check in often for updates and consider supporting our dream in one of the ways we have available!

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