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Change of plans!

If there's one thing we know well in this house, it's that even with our most planned endeavors (which this certainly was not), nothing ever goes according to plan. Our plans for the Cafe have changed again, and I think for the better at this point.

We're in Florida, and if you know anything about Florida right now, it's too stinking hot outside to be sitting in a booth in a flea market trying to sell you tasty treats as they melt through the packaging. The booth isn't air conditioned and it just doesn't make good sense to have the kids out in the heat.

So what's the pivot? We sell online, of course! We have done more test baking this week, and have seven recipes ready to go, with more coming regularly. We have the website set up to take orders and payments. We have a game plan for how to be able to fulfill orders while the two "kitchen supervisors" work full time at their grown up jobs. We are excited to launch the website shop and continue to add more tasty, mostly healthy treats on a regular basis. You should definitely check back often to see what new items are coming out.

We are also running a storefront on Bonfire where you can purchase merchandise that supports the growth of the cafe and securing a permanent (and air conditioned!) location. We are also adding more products there regularly as well, and next on my list is to include some of Samantha's art on the merchandise.

Thanks for following along with us! If you feel led to support us, we would appreciate that more than you know. For direct donations, you can find us on Venmo (@aspirecafe).

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