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What will they do after High School?

Where we're at now:

Due to a recent change in plans (check the blog for more details), we've decided to launch the cafe at a limited capacity. This will allow us to use the cafe and the process of owning a business and working to make it successful as a summer project for our daughter, Samantha, even though I'm sure all the girls will be involved!

We are excited to expand and grow the vision of the cafe in the next few years. You can read more about our ultimate goal below.

If this is a dream you'd like to support, you can find us on Facebook or Instagram (like and follow to spread the word) and watch for fundraising posts! Additionally, we have a Venmo account set up (@aspirecafe) if you'd like to send funds directly.

Thank you so much for stopping by, reading our story, and considering how you can support our dream and the futures of our children!

Where we're going:

If you have children with special needs or who come from special circumstances, this is likely a question you ask yourself often. How will they survive? Who will hire them? What will I need to do to make sure they make it?

Two of our children have special needs and come from special circumstances. We got tired of just asking and decided to do something that would help our kids and yours.

At Aspire Cafe, we work with teens (and adults) who have special needs or come from special circumstances to provide them with the foundational work and life skills and experiences they need to be successful employees with us and with others around us.

Our goal is not to be coffee or muffin experts. You'll need to visit the other guys for that. We are here to support the growth and development of those who may need a little extra support in the workplace, and a safe place to learn and build responsibility and accountability.

We firmly believe that if you put yourself in a position to learn more, then you will do more with that knowledge and be more than you ever thought you could.

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